National Branches



Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies in Portugal

MARMA - Manutenção e Gestão de Equipamentos e Infraestruturas, Lda.


MARMA – Incorporated in 1998, provides services on management and maintenance of facilities, equipment and complex infrastructures.

MARMA has developed contracts of management, operation and maintenance of large and complex systems, carrying out required actions in order to maintain the functioning of facilities and the quality of services, addressing economic, value & proximity factors for the client.

SISAQUA - Sistemas de Saneamento Básico, S.A.


Sisaqua was incorporated in 1992 and is, presently, one of the major Portuguese firms providing services on water supply, wastewater and solid waste treatment studies, design, operation and maintenance.

Alongside the aforementioned services, Sisaqua performs specialized assignments that encompass environmental design and operation of infrastructures; consultancy, including audits, environmental impact assessments, monitoring activities, etc, assuring the quality of all services provided. Sisaqua has been involved in major landmark environmental projects (under construction or currently in operation).




Incorporated in 1999 by Sisaqua and AGS for the contract of Operation and Maintenance of Freixo WWTP in Oporto for 170.000 inhabitants equivalent.