CONSULGAL has opened a new Branch in Peru

CONSULGAL’s new branch in Peru was legally established as a company under Peruvian law in December 2016.


The vf-OS project, an acronym for Virtual Factory Operating System, funded by the European Union's Program 'Horizon 2020', was formally launched on October 1st. The project’s purpose is to develop an open Operating System for Virtual Factories, including a Virtual Factories System Kernel (vf-SK), an Interface for Virtual Factory Applications Programming (vf-API) and Virtual Factories Middleware (vf-MW), specifically designed for the factory of the future.

CONSULGAL provides Technical Assistance to the Maintenance of the Management System of Health and Safety at Work for EST – Empresa de Serviços Técnicos, S.A.

CONSULGAL is developing another project in the area of health and safety management systems at work. It consists in providing technical support to the HSWMS (SGSST) maintenance of EST - Empresa de Serviços Técnicos, S.A, in Leiria. This company was certified according to the norm NP4397 / OHSAS 18001 in early 2016 and in order to ensure the continuous improvement of the performance and optimization of their HSWMS (SGSST) they entrusted CONSULGAL’s consultant team for the annual monitoring of their internal team.

CONSULGAL provides Technical Assistance services to the Belgrade, Serbia, Public Transport Strategic and Organizational Plan

CONSULGAL, acting as the Consortium leader, has entered into a contract with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to provide Technical Assistance services to the Belgrade Municipality and “Gradsko Saobracajno Preduzece” (GSP) (Public Transport Company) for the establishment of a Strategic and Organizational Plan and for the monitoring of its implementation. The contract, called GSP, will have the duration of 24 months and will be developed by CONSULGAL’s Studies and Design Division.

CONSULGAL is responsible for the new Sant’ana Hospital Unit (Parede) Management and Works Supervision

The New HOSA - Sant'ana Orthopedic Hospital Unit will improve the existing hospital services, infrastructures and its surrounding area, extending the medical services to other specialties beyond orthopedics.